Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mobicents 2009 Team Meeting in Brno

Hello fellas,

Last week was a big event for the Mobicents guys as we all got together in this beautiful city of Brno located in Czech Republic.
Everybody on the team gave an overview of what we did over the last year and the roadmaps ahead for the next year and I have to tell you that this is stunning how much has been achieved in a one year timeframe under the Red Hat :

I'm really amazed to see at which pace is growing the Mobicents Platform and the community around it that is helping us out in an incredible number of ways from testing out the projects, interoperability to contributing code, ... that proves the value of open source, collaboration and sharing which are the core values of Red Hat and JBoss.
All of this to say "Thank You" to our beloved Mobicents Community.

I had 2 talks scheduled on Mobicents Sip Servlets :
  • First, as I said above on the achievements, challenges and goals/roadmap which you can find here
  • Second, on the HA plans and challenges not only for Sip Servlets but for JAIN SLEE as well so that we have a common architecture and frameworks for both our containers to ensure consistency and lower code duplication as much as possible.
As we move forward, we plan to continue investing and contributing to the NIST SIP Stack Reference Implementation of JAIN SIP Specification which is at the core of our projects (kudos to Ranga for being of great help whenever we need him). Those contributions will be mainly targeted at performance improvements, bug fixes, new features (lazy parsing, NIO, ...) and HA support.

It was great to understand what the other team members and other Mobicents projects have been up to and see their roadmaps and last but not the least, we got to have some fun to chill out a bit of the hard work of the day

so here is a part of the Mobicents team after work waiting to get into the action to go clubbing :

Silas and Eduardo showing the Mobicents Team winning the Beer Contest :

The Mobicents Team being teached by the local czech girls where the good places are in town

So Cheers guys !

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