Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mobicents SIP Servlets on JBoss AS7 passes the JSR 289 TCK !

Following on today's news that TeleStax, Inc is now a member of the JCP and part of the JSR 359 Expert Group, we are also pleased to announce that latest snapshot version of Mobicents SIP Servlets (MSS) on JBoss AS7 is now passing the JSR 289 which means it is the first SIP Servlets container to integrate with HTTP Servlets 3.0, Java EE 6 and benefits from all the JBoss AS7 goodnesses (it now starts as fast as Tomcat and integrates with JBoss AS7 CLI for monitoring and management)

You can see the test results from our Cloudbees Jenkins Continuous Integration Job (Thanks to the Cloudbees FOSS Program)


We still have a couple of items left to complete before calling it a release, namely the Documentation.
As such we decided to bump the next release version number to 2.0.0.FINAL and updated the roadmap accordingly 

Special Thanks

TeleStax logo 

I would like to thank the usual suspects that work on this ie :

  • myself for helping here and there at the end and mostly in the beginning by refactoring MSS on being independent of any containers, ie MSS could plug into other containers such as Jetty, Resin, Glassfish (if there is enough interest or contributors ready to contribute either container integration)
  • Vladimir Ralev who did the initial chunk of work for integrating into 7.0.2 and having a proof of concept 
  • But most importantly a HUGE Thanks to Jose Maria Recio, Co-Founder of Solaiemes whose products help carriers to keep their role relevant, allowing them to build alternatives to over-the-top offers using enablers as Joyn / RCS-e and RCS as a Platform. He highly earned his stripes to be on the Mobicents Hall of Fame along with other companies like Twilio, Cisco, Avaya, OKI, Free Mobile and many others...