Friday, December 16, 2011

The Mobicents Annual Summit 2011 Experience

It's been this time of the year again where Mobicents core team met all together and face to face with our beloved Community and damn that was great ! Kudos to Oleg for organizing and being the perfect host putting up all nighters to make sure everyone would get safely to the hotel with luggage and all.

You can find the full agenda that was covered during our 3 days meet up on Amit's Blog where he will also link the presentations as they are put online by everyone.

The Big News was the official announcement done by Rob Cardwell (JBCP Product Manager, RedHat) that Red Hat is sunsetting JBCP and Mobicents  over the next year. This kicked off the first talk by Ivelin about Transitioning Mobicents leadership to TeleStax, Inc. which is offering a transition path and already providing Enterprise Professional Services (namely, Development and Production Support, Training and Consulting) for Mobicents to customers around the world. 
TeleStax, Inc. founders are Mobicents old timers that have been building Mobicents since its inception back in 2003. More information can be found in Mobicents Transition to TeleStax

The first day of the Summit was exclusively talks done by the community and it was to me probably the best day for me as it gave us an opportunity to see where and how Mobicents was used and hear great quotes like Nick from CodeMinders commissioned by Avistar Communications saying "we are using Mobicents Sip Servlets to all extent possible even to some extent that's not possible :-)"

or Vilius from Elitnet mentioning that "after 1 year in production, it shocks ISV - SLEE did not fail as expected :), still up and running"

Jonas Borjesson from Twilio offered us a treat before Christmas by doing a presentation with a live demo of the Twilio Client and knowing that Mobicents Sip Servlets is powering some technology at one of the hottest Telco 2.0 SaaS made me feel pretty good :-) ! Jonas, being one of the HotSip developer back in 2006, and then worked at Oracle on their SIP Servlets container provided a lot of great feedback during our sessions.

 Jason Goecke from Voxeo Labs gave us a nice overview of their offerings, about Tropothe other one of the hottest Telco 2.0 SaaS out there :-) and their latest baby RayoWe layed out the ground for a potential collaboration around Moho  and future work on SIP Servlets 2.0 specification.

 Silvano Girardi Jr presented Inphonex and how they are currently migrating their infrastructure from Weblogic to Mobicents Sip Servlets. We also had a surprise birthday party ready for him ;-)

Unfortunately the french team from Manaty couldn't get their visa on time, so I performed their presentation on behalf of them.

The next day, I went on stage to introduce how Mobicents Sip Servlets is moving towards the cloud to be able to be used as a PaaS and being renamed TelScale and moving to a new home with git as a source code repository. We then moved to the HA Topics and had a great live discussion following on the Container Independent HA Framework and Converged Load Balancer presentations on what we needed and wanted to support in terms of replication with great input from the community to let us know what they needed. 
That was followed by Georges Vagenas, one of our most active Mobicents contributors (and official Summit video recorder person :-)), presenting his great work on CDI Telco Framework and Arquillian integration with Mobicents.
Unfortunately, Thomas Quintana couldn't be present with us because of a last moment emergency but thanks to the great conferencing technology out there, he presented remotely his great work on RestComm, our Twilio like private Telco 2.0 SaaS powered by Mobicents that is already picking up interest even though still in ALPHA stage.
I also had a talk scheduled on SNMP and Monitoring that I couldn't go over because of lack of time. I will let my other fellow Mobicents folks to talk about their presentations and impressions in their respective blogs.

Last Day was kept for fun stuff where the team visited the mountains and saw Vladimir Putin's guest house and had a nervous breakdown in the bus after risking our lives to see what was supposed to be a great waterfall :-) During all this time, Nick from Codeminders was able to be the best tour guide ever (even without knowing the place), we got to see Sochi downtown and walked on the shore of blacksea as well to finish the trip by a taste of the local treat

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mobicents Face To Face 2011 Meeting open to community

In December (4th to 8th included) the Mobicents team will be gathered for its 5th face to face team meeting in Sochi, Russia, where the XXII Olympic Winter Games will be held. No need to tell that I am very excited to meet my colleagues again, our customers and community !
That's right you read well, building on the success of last year in opening up the meeting to community we are doing it again this year !

Check the contents of the meeting and feel free to provide your input on what you would like to see (the contents for meetings/gatherings during the night shall not be disclosed :-) what happens in Sochi stays in Sochi to paraphrase a famous quote)

For those of you that want to join us there and get more insight on Mobicents, our move toward the cloud, influence the roadmap, discuss the future of the platform, do some hackfest, etc..., feel free to ping us to get more information on the hotel, details etc (you will have to pay for your trip and hotel though as we can't sponsor the whole community :-)). Also you will more than likely need a visa so make sure to apply early, (the tour agency can send a voucher which is mandatory for getting visa so feel free to ask us).

Looking forward to see all of you there !

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back from JBoss World and JUDCon 2011 and it was awesome !

/me tattooed at the JBoss World Party
So I finally get to write on JUDCon and JBoss World/Red Hat Summit from last week that took place in Boston. And what a breathtaking week it was.  So much innovation going on and new ideas that I wished I wouldn't need to sleep and clone myself to work on so many things and integrate Mobicents everywhere...

JUDCon kicked off at the World Trade Centre in Boston with around 200 people attending making it the biggest JUDCon so far, with three tracks of some of the coolest and bleeding edge community tech showcasing JBoss AS7, Infinispan, Arquillian (where I was crown a noble for my contributions last year), Hibernate, etc. Regarding Mobicents, We had the pleasure of having our first presentation "Tuning and development with SIP Servlets on Mobicents" for a JBoss event done by a great contributor and customer of ours : Naoki Nishihara from OKI. Naoki did a deep dive on how to tune the JVM to accommodate the needs of Telco applications and the SIP Protocol with Mobicents and covered Rapid Application Development and SIP Servlets integration with Spring and CDI which was followed by an interesting QA session. We are in the works to planify a webinar for the community that couldn't attend JUDCon.

Thanks Naoki for the Great JUDCon presentation

Then the JBoss keynote event happened where Enterprise Application Platform 6, JBoss Enterprise Data Grid platform, JBoss developer certification were announced with an incredible live and interactive demo using JBoss cutting edge technologies which was really awesome. As I don't want to spoil the surprise you can see the replay here

Then the Red Hat keynote started and I was delighted to see Rancore Technologies, one of your core contributor and most active community member, win the Red Hat Innovation Award for their Service Delivery Platform that is going to be part of one of the largest 4G LTE/IMS deployments in the world - and in the world's biggest telecom market – India. Rancore's SDP is designed to be suitable for mission critical 4G deployments, where high throughput and low latency are desired

Because Shift Happens !
The other big news was Red Hat entering the cloud market with our Private Cloud IaaS offering CloudForms and with our PaaS offering OpenShift. As we are already working on enabling Mobicents in the Cloud, you can expect to see better Mobicents integration there in the near future. 

I also got to meet and party with Mobicents community members that I met face to face for the first time and my JBoss colleagues which was definitely great. I also met with some customers which I cannot really talk about here but I was definitely an awesome event for all JBoss, Red Hat and Mobicents and especially our community !

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet Mobicents at JUDCon 2011

This year I will have the pleasure to copresent at JUDCon 2011 (May 2-3, 2011 in Boston) this talk Tuning and development with SIP Servlet on Mobicents/JBoss Communications Platform with Naoki Nishihara (which I'm eager to meet for the first time), who has been contributing to Mobicents since 2009 and is now part of the core team. He works at Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd and is leading the Spring Sip Servlets Framework effort on the Mobicents community.

I will stay around for JBoss World as well so if you're attending either event or will be in the area get in touch with us via Twitter, IRC (on Freenode channel #mobicents), or email (jean dot deruelle at gmail dot com) and I'll buy you a beer while you tell me about what you are doing on top of Mobicents and the new  features you want in the next version of Mobicents ;-)

I hope to see you there

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mobicents first hand experience FOSDEM, it was awesome !

Hi all,

Just got back from FOSDEM 2011 located in Brussels which is one, if not THE biggest open source event in Europe. It's the first time I went there and I was really impressed and had a really great time !

Fosdem 2011 had 201 hours of presentations, squeezed in 2days (~20 physical hours), that's at least 10 parallel tracks for over 300 speakers IIRC

I finally met with, after around 8 years of knowing him virtually, Emil Ivov the project founder and leader of Sip Communicator (soon to be Jitsi) and it didn't really felt like we met for the first time which is a strange feeling, it was more like meeting a good old friend after a long time :-) Thanks for the invitation to your team meeting and for the awesome belgium beers, Emil !
It as a blast to meet in flesh and blood with old and new Mobicents users such as Crocodile RCS which is always great to see the innovative ways on how Mobicents is being used or is going to be used. I had a lot of private interesting talks with some other private companies I can't mention publicly here but looking forward to our common future ;-)

I also had the chance to meet some of the great leaders behind other open source projects that were eager to learn more about Mobicents as well like Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Co-Founder and Core Developer at Kamailio ( formerly OpenSER) and Russell Bryant, Engineering Manager at Digium, Inc who managed to conduct a great Open Source Telephony track which was full pretty much all day (see the schedule) where I presented Mobicents 2.0, The Java Open Source Communications Platform (click on the link for the slides)

So Thanks to all for a great and fruitful event !