Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mobicents/JBCP & JBoss World 2009

I'm back from JBoss World 2009 that took place in Chicago together with the RH summit and the event was again awesome this year !
First I have to admit that the weather in Chicago was perfect and it helped raise this city as one of the best I've been so far in the US : very good public transportation, great architecture, LOTS of cultural events, plenty of parks, beaches on the lakes, ...

Tuesday was kind of pre-Jboss World day, it was mainly registration and partner pavillion opening. Me & Vladimir were tending the booth with other JBoss people and checking the partners out.
We got to meet and finally put a face on a lot of JBoss colleagues and people from our community (I won't cite any company names, but they will recognize themselves :-) ) getting at the same time great feedback on Mobicents/JBCP and evangelizing.

On the next day, we had a great keynote from our CEO, Jim Whitehurst, here is a phrase I thought I'd never hear in a CEO's keynote : "if we all had to walk around naked, we'd all spend more time at the gym" which seems to define the open-source spirit pretty well to me :-)

Wednesday, I attended Bela Ban's talk on Large clusters which was really interesting and I would recommend everyone interested in HA to check it out.I got to talk to the Jopr (JBoss ON is the corresponding product) team and we got this idea of integrating Mobicents to send text messages or call phones with DTMF recognition whenever there is some alerts in the cluster so that the IT monitoring team using Jopr can take some action whenever there is a problem. A proof of concept should be available soon :-)

Then Vladimir had it's BOF on Rapid VoIP Development Environment - SIP Servlets 1.1 (JSR-289), SEAM Telco Framework, Ruby on Rails, Eclipse VoIP Tooling
Unfortunately, we were competing against another BOF about Seam & JSR-299 containing all the JBoss Rock stars : Dan Allen, Pete Muir, Gavin King, Emmanuel Bernard, Max Rydahl Andersen and special guests; so the attendance was a bit lower than we expected but the feedback from the audience was great and had so much interesting questions that we finally got kicked out of the room :-)

Thursday, I went to see the new JBoss project GateIn that has been announced which is the ExoPlatform/JBoss Portal joint project. Definitely Interesting stuff, their booth was packed all day long and the project and UI are very slick. Those guys were definitely interested in Mobicents as well to be able to send SMS from the portal or click to dial kind of portlet, ... so a another proof of concept should see the light soon here as well.

In the afternoon, I went to see the Web Beans and HornetQ (JBoss Messaging renamed) presentations which were both of great quality.

Finally, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry party sponsored by IBM which was a lot of fun and then did a bit of pub crawling, on which I won't reveal the dirty details :-)

The last day was actually half a day and I attended to Bob's Mc Wirther presentation on TorqueBox which was the best one I attended too.

My session was among the last ones which was not very convenient because a lot of people already left the conference (1/3 to half I would say) but the attendance to the session was still pretty good (around 30 people in the room) and the presentation was very well received with a lot of feedback and exchange with the audience once again.

To wrap up on JBoss World, I would say that this was a rather good success for Mobicents/JBCP, it was very well received with a lot of people baffled by the platform and how it grew up in a year.

I uploaded my presentation here

So Thanks for coming and for coming at us, talk to us we love that, meeting the community in person and we will make sure that next year will be even better :-)

Update : For more pictures from chicago, see here : http://picasaweb.google.com/jean.deruelle/Chicago2009#


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