Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mobicents ALL 1.2.1.GA has been released !!

It's with intense pleasure that I forward here the news of our new aggregated release : Mobicents ALL 1.2.1.GA !

It's truly the most complete all integrated Platform out there (and it's open source !) for building next generation Telco and Convergent Applications. Nothing less nothing more. Usually vendors have one or two of the components we provide, but no one so far is able to offer all that we provide in Mobicents to your great pleasure...

Miscellaneous examples are :
  • Location based services : when ever friends, family is in 2kms range from you, your phone beeps
  • SMS based services : Vote for your Favorite Reality TV Show
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Based Service : Check your bank account balance through the phone
  • Ring Back Tone
  • Event Notification by Phone, SMS and IM : get a phone call to set the delivery date of your order or SMS every time your order changed of status (processing, payment confirmed, shipping)
  • Conferencing : The Conference is integrated with your calendar and is calling you and the participants when it's time, no hassle on remembering the number to call, pin code, ... See
  • IT System Monitoring : every time an alert is sent by the monitoring app, your converged application send an SMS, Instant Message, tweet or calls out the IT System team to take preventive actions (Press 1 to restart the server, press 2 to redeploy the application, or whatever)
  • Web Integration for Convergence : Add a small widget so that the customer can be put in contact with the call center (through phone or chat) to help him get more information on the products he wants to buy.
  • Banking : Stock Monitoring application that sends an SMS or calls you when the stock price goes over a user defined threshold and let you press the amount of options you want to sell or buy
  • Customer Relationship Management : Ability to automatically answer status for support cases or record new leads, integration with leading online CRM providers
  • PBX : Enabling businesses to use their managed intranet to help reduce long distance expenses, enjoy the benefits of a single network for voice and data. Example : Mobicents IPBX
The Sky is the Limit !

To build all those kind of applications and more, the following components provided in the Mobicents ALL release will do the job and should cover all your needs :
  • Sip Servlets Container 1.0.GA : Aimed at building VoIP (SIP + Media interaction) and Converged Applications (SIP + HTTP/Java EE + Media interaction) with full HA capabilities
  • Media Server 1.0.3.GA : competitive, complete, best-of-breed media gateway functionality featuring highest quality with following features : Announcement, IVR, Conferencing, Packet Relay and supporting all majors audio codecs and can be controlled remotely through MGCP or in VM
  • JAIN SLEE Container 1.2.6.GA : Aimed at Telco and supporting multi protocols architectures in a standard and highly efficient way. Comes with following Resource Adaptors : SIP, SIP11 (JSR240 a.k.a. JAIN SLEE 1.1), Media, MGCP, JCC, XMPP, SMPP, HTTP Client, HTTP Servlet, Asterisk, Text to Speech, Rules, Diameter (Base, Cca, Rf, Ro, Sh-Client and Sh-Server), XCAP Client
  • Mobicents Diameter 1.0.1.GA : Provides Authentication, Authorization and Accounting capabilities
  • Mobicents SIP Presence Service 1.0.0.BETA5 : The Mobicents SIP Presence Service provides presence functionalities to SIP-based networks
  • Mobicents SIP Load Balancer 1.0.0.BETA7 : provides Load Balancing and failover SIP capabilites for Mobicents servers in a clustered environment
If you want to get started, download the binary form SourceForge and read the release notes. We are waiting for your feedback on mobicents-public google group.

Have fun !


  1. Congratulations on the new release!!!

  2. Congratulations!! Does this release have specific support for Location Based Services? Are they delivered as part of the presence server?

  3. @shax No we don't provide those services yet, we just provide you with all the infrastructure to build them. But any contributions are more than welcome.

  4. ok, thank you.. I am currently working on integrating that into the presence server.. and making a sip client toolkit for it. so far so good..

  5. Hi Jean,

    I want a sample voip example which is covered server and client side used by mobicents. Kindly provide the url is available.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. @Elangesk

    Here is the list of examples provided with Mobicents Sip Servlets :

    You can look at the click to call application ( bundled with Mobicents Sip Servlets, it covers server by accepting REGISTER requests and client by initiating INVITE to parties registered