Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mobicents first hand experience FOSDEM, it was awesome !

Hi all,

Just got back from FOSDEM 2011 located in Brussels which is one, if not THE biggest open source event in Europe. It's the first time I went there and I was really impressed and had a really great time !

Fosdem 2011 had 201 hours of presentations, squeezed in 2days (~20 physical hours), that's at least 10 parallel tracks for over 300 speakers IIRC

I finally met with, after around 8 years of knowing him virtually, Emil Ivov the project founder and leader of Sip Communicator (soon to be Jitsi) and it didn't really felt like we met for the first time which is a strange feeling, it was more like meeting a good old friend after a long time :-) Thanks for the invitation to your team meeting and for the awesome belgium beers, Emil !
It as a blast to meet in flesh and blood with old and new Mobicents users such as Crocodile RCS which is always great to see the innovative ways on how Mobicents is being used or is going to be used. I had a lot of private interesting talks with some other private companies I can't mention publicly here but looking forward to our common future ;-)

I also had the chance to meet some of the great leaders behind other open source projects that were eager to learn more about Mobicents as well like Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Co-Founder and Core Developer at Kamailio ( formerly OpenSER) and Russell Bryant, Engineering Manager at Digium, Inc who managed to conduct a great Open Source Telephony track which was full pretty much all day (see the schedule) where I presented Mobicents 2.0, The Java Open Source Communications Platform (click on the link for the slides)

So Thanks to all for a great and fruitful event !


  1. What i liked most was the blue screen of death. lol

  2. It was funny to see people react to that one ;-) It also help wake people up :-)

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