Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mobicents consultants needed in US and Europe

Hi all,

I'm looking for consultants, freelancers in the US or Europe for Mobicents.
Ideally the profile would be to already know or use or contribute to Mobicents, have good knowledge about SIP (JAIN SIP and NIST SIP Stack is a plus) and know SIP Servlets, High Availability/Failover/ Load Balancing (about SIP and ideally HTTP as well).
JAIN SLEE, Media and Telco protocols knowledge is a plus.
Good English level required and be ready to travel.

If you want more information or apply ping me on jean.deruelle@gmail.com

Looking forward to talk to you


  1. chui intéressé pour voyager mais je connais aucune des technos. tu veux pas de moi qd même mon jeannot ?

    le psycho-marlou

  2. Ca risque d'être difficile mat', faut déjà voir si ça va te plaire le SIP, tu peux essayer Mobicents :-)