Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mobicents to enter Brain to Brain Communications Market

Hi all,

With the natural evolution of mobile networks towards LTE, 4G networks and the likes, soon we will be in this beautiful world of all IP Communications. We figured that even though Cell Phones were kind of cool, what would be the next step to communicate effortlessly.

Based on some research done throughout the world and recently some breakthrough on Brain to Brain Communications, we thought it was time to prepare our next move and prepare people to communicate and act with the digital world in a different way and call each other effortlessly by using brain to brain communications applied to telecommunications.

Since Brain to Brain Communication is cuurently using electrodes, a computer and an Internet connection. Replacing the electrodes and computer by a little Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) device (that would look like a bluetooth earplug) that will be used for capturing brain signals and translating them into bits and will send those bits over the wire through a new protocol called Mobicents Brain's Fool Protocol (MBFP) just like a 4G cellphone would do. The Mobicents server will act as a gateway and convert MBFP to SIP so that you can call your buddies.

The possibilities are limitless again and will mostly depend on the device capabilities (that will evolve over time as science gets better knowledge of the brain) that could stream video or what your buddies see directly into your brain, or Text Message you, or send SMS...

If you're scared about the government tapping your brain or hackers unleashing viruses, trojan and the likes, security will be a big concern and taken care of very seriously but we can't promise anything, no software is bug free...

This won't be limited to Brain to Brain actually, one could easily create Business to Consumer (B2C) type of applications where you wouldn't need TV or 3D TV anymore : video streamed directly into your brain with all the sound, smells, pain, joy etc, what an awesome experience...
Where games would be a real brain control world experience, not motion controlled anymore...
Where you could record your life literally and not only share pictures and videos with your friends through facebook but real life memories with emotions through the new LifeRecorded social network

The good thing also would be for disabled people not being able to speak, this way they could communicate much easier and for the blind people to actually see since the device could be tied to a camera that would stream the live feed in their brain...

And again this technology will be open source for your greatest pleasure

As they say the brain is the limit...


  1. Go go go guys! :)

  2. Futuristic and innovative stuff indeed.

  3. APRIL !!!!!!!!! :)
    - nice one , could this be real one day ? Not in out living days, I guess...

  4. @Pavel Interestingly, I got some feedback on that joke and someone brought to my attention that some people do work on that stuff

    The thing is mastering recognition of the electroencephalography (EEG) to read the mind realiably is still far away, that's the only missing piece to bootstrap this thing since the Wireless EEG (what I called BCI device) is already there

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