Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mobicents Sip Servlets is Sip Servlets 1.1 ( JSR 289) certified !!!!

Mobicents is the First Open Source Certified Server - Again.
After being the first JSLEE 1.0 certified open source server (To my great delight, I hacked on that part too about 5 years ago and had the pleasure to pass this TCK too), now Mobicents is the first Open Source SIP Servlets 1.1 server as well....
which makes JBoss the first vendor to certify even among commercial vendors, not counting the company who wrote the TCK....
In other words, we were the latest to enter the game of the SIP Servlets vendors, we built our server from scratch in about a year and now are the first to be certified, isn't that great :-) ?
Not only that but we also features capabilities that are outside the scope of the specification such as :
We are also driving towards a converged model between SIP Servlets and JSLEE and the first logical step : interoperability has been made possible on the Mobicents Platform since JBoss is the only vendor to implement both specifications so that you can benefit from the best of both worlds.
The IEEE paper that has been published related to this work will be made available soon.

I would like to personally thank all the people that worked with me in making this dream (actually it was a hell of a work :-)) come true :

* M. Ranganathan that mentored me in the open source world from my early days of work (I always remember my first assignment hacking with you on the jain sip applet phone hearing our voices fast forwarding in the NIST premises :-) ) that started this project and put all of us in it :-), for your help working with us to design and hack together during the first versions of the project and later on in giving your gold advices to keep us on track, for your work on jain sip and the nist sip stack (jsip rocks and rolls !!!) that we use as the underlying sip connector and for having the passion of the true digital monkey hacker. My inner bonobo is jumping around :-)

* Valdimir Ralev for working like hell on the project during the beginning until the fun of the last month while passing the TCK and the joy of today :-) and for the fun we had in our virtual garage :-). Thanks so much for the great work.

* Bartosz Baranowski for your help working with us to design and hack together during the first versions of the project.

* Ivelin Ivanov for making me part of the JBoss dream, that made the Mobicents Open Source Platform possible and what it is now and mentoring me along the way and for all the fun during the wild trips abroad... You're a hell of a guy, wild at heart :-)

* Our fellows at Tomcat and JBoss that build the containers on which this work has been made possible.

* Mihir Kulkarni from Oracle for its timely replies about the TCK tests.

* The JSR 289 expert group members for their commitment and hard work
on the specification. (it was good to see you guys in LA)

It feels so good... I love this job !

Note : See Ivelin's post and Vlad's post about it also.


  1. Congratulations Jean..on yet another cruical milestone. Value added features such as Mid call failover, HA and load balancing are extremely valuable features of any telecom oriented product.
    Wishing you and the team all the best for all your future plans....

  2. Hey Jean,

    Congrats on this feat! Truly impressive.

    BTW about the paper, please go ahead and publish it in your blog. I shall soon send you a link to the IEEE digital library where your paper would be made available. Sorry for the delayed response .. I was away on a holiday.