Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back from JBoss World and JUDCon 2011 and it was awesome !

/me tattooed at the JBoss World Party
So I finally get to write on JUDCon and JBoss World/Red Hat Summit from last week that took place in Boston. And what a breathtaking week it was.  So much innovation going on and new ideas that I wished I wouldn't need to sleep and clone myself to work on so many things and integrate Mobicents everywhere...

JUDCon kicked off at the World Trade Centre in Boston with around 200 people attending making it the biggest JUDCon so far, with three tracks of some of the coolest and bleeding edge community tech showcasing JBoss AS7, Infinispan, Arquillian (where I was crown a noble for my contributions last year), Hibernate, etc. Regarding Mobicents, We had the pleasure of having our first presentation "Tuning and development with SIP Servlets on Mobicents" for a JBoss event done by a great contributor and customer of ours : Naoki Nishihara from OKI. Naoki did a deep dive on how to tune the JVM to accommodate the needs of Telco applications and the SIP Protocol with Mobicents and covered Rapid Application Development and SIP Servlets integration with Spring and CDI which was followed by an interesting QA session. We are in the works to planify a webinar for the community that couldn't attend JUDCon.

Thanks Naoki for the Great JUDCon presentation

Then the JBoss keynote event happened where Enterprise Application Platform 6, JBoss Enterprise Data Grid platform, JBoss developer certification were announced with an incredible live and interactive demo using JBoss cutting edge technologies which was really awesome. As I don't want to spoil the surprise you can see the replay here

Then the Red Hat keynote started and I was delighted to see Rancore Technologies, one of your core contributor and most active community member, win the Red Hat Innovation Award for their Service Delivery Platform that is going to be part of one of the largest 4G LTE/IMS deployments in the world - and in the world's biggest telecom market – India. Rancore's SDP is designed to be suitable for mission critical 4G deployments, where high throughput and low latency are desired

Because Shift Happens !
The other big news was Red Hat entering the cloud market with our Private Cloud IaaS offering CloudForms and with our PaaS offering OpenShift. As we are already working on enabling Mobicents in the Cloud, you can expect to see better Mobicents integration there in the near future. 

I also got to meet and party with Mobicents community members that I met face to face for the first time and my JBoss colleagues which was definitely great. I also met with some customers which I cannot really talk about here but I was definitely an awesome event for all JBoss, Red Hat and Mobicents and especially our community !